PXFLOW has developed a new semi open centrifugal impeller for wastewater pumps capable of handling raw, unscreened sewage containing solids or long fibered material.

The S-Channel impeller is equipped with twin “S” channel blades that extend on the hub body allowing its self-cleaning characteristics to work together as system with a long deep sharp groove on the wear plate.

The system described above is designed with a build in, integral “cutter-pin” on the suction entrance that prevents clogging, passing solids away from the suction area through the impeller blades or through the groove as a result.

The wear plate with its ‘reducer’ clearances system can be re-positioned axially in order to reduce the clearances between the impeller and wear plate.

A variety of 3 different impeller types (close Channel, vortex and semi open ‘’S’’ Channel ) allows us to choose the right one for application.

NEW 12″ PXFLOW Vortex pump

Papantonatos S.A. presents the new 12″ PXFLOW Vortex pump models  PX4-308 and  PX5-308 equipped with vortex impellers and efficiency up 62%

Extending the PXFLOW Vortex pumps, this range of  submersible wastewater pumps offer considerably higher efficiencies than conventional vortex


  • 12″ (300mm) discharge Vortex impeller pump 
  • Handles solids up to 145mm / 5,7″
  • Flows up to 7600GPM  (480lps)
  • Heads up to 100ft  (30,5m)
  • Speed (max) 1200rpm (60Hz)
  • 50/60Hz
  • Hydraulic efficiency at BEP 62%

Materials options, surface protection (on request)

  • casting parts in stainless steel 316 & Duplex
  • Seamlessly sprayable elastomeric coatings for impeller and inside pump volute for erosion protection
  • Ceramic coating


PXFLOW Pump unit with Premium efficiency IE4 submersible motor

End of 2020 delivered 2pcs pumps units with 22kW super premium motor IE4 for dry pit installation equipment with efficient cooling system ECOFLU. An internal impeller, fitted between the mechanical shaft seal, circulate a cooling liquid (Ecoflu) in a closed loop through a cooling jacket, and transfer the heat to the pumped liquid by a cooling flange (heat exchange).
Lower motor parts (which come in contact with media),shaft and impeller made in stainless steel Duplex

New thrust bearing for Pleuger motors 8″,10″,12″

HDB Thrust Bearing Technology

pleuger heavy thrust bearing


The HDB thrust bearing is a pivoting pad thrust bearing based on a stainless steel collar running against pads made of a Flowserve proprietary material.

Interchangeability Replaces HDK Series Bearing 130
Lubrication Fluid Water Water/Glycol Pure Glycol
Motor Types (Standard) M8, MI10, VNI12
Material Bearing Pads Graphonit X
Material Collar Stainless Steel
Maximum Operating Temperature 100°C
Maximum Thrust Load 80 kN
Maximum Speed 3600 rpm
Direction of Operation Bi-directional
General Properties
Low friction coefficient for low start up torque
High wear resistance
High shock load resilience




Exhibition Infratech 2015 TURKU, Finland

                                                                  The Finish distributor ULEFOS Oy participate at Infratech 2015  TURKU, Finland with PXFLOW wastewater pump series




Typical Finnish pump station with dry pit PXFLOW pumps 2X PX3-80.0 21kW

Exhibition IFAT 2014 Munich Germany


We will be there!

PXFLOW presents all series PX1 , PX2 , PX3 , PX4 up 95kW with upgrade Motor efficiencies IE2 &IE3 .In the middle range a NEW Motor design M2.1C and M3.1D has been developed, keeping all the well know design features, such as internal cooling system, Cartridge seal, seperate sealed Terminal Connection and fast lock pump connection system.