New thrust bearing for Pleuger motors 8″,10″,12″

HDB Thrust Bearing Technology

pleuger heavy thrust bearing


The HDB thrust bearing is a pivoting pad thrust bearing based on a stainless steel collar running against pads made of a Flowserve proprietary material.

Interchangeability Replaces HDK Series Bearing 130
Lubrication Fluid Water Water/Glycol Pure Glycol
Motor Types (Standard) M8, MI10, VNI12
Material Bearing Pads Graphonit X
Material Collar Stainless Steel
Maximum Operating Temperature 100°C
Maximum Thrust Load 80 kN
Maximum Speed 3600 rpm
Direction of Operation Bi-directional
General Properties
Low friction coefficient for low start up torque
High wear resistance
High shock load resilience




Exhibition Infratech 2015 TURKU, Finland

                                                                  The Finish distributor ULEFOS Oy participate at Infratech 2015  TURKU, Finland with PXFLOW wastewater pump series




Typical Finnish pump station with dry pit PXFLOW pumps 2X PX3-80.0 21kW

Exhibition IFAT 2014 Munich Germany


We will be there!

PXFLOW presents all series PX1 , PX2 , PX3 , PX4 up 95kW with upgrade Motor efficiencies IE2 &IE3 .In the middle range a NEW Motor design M2.1C and M3.1D has been developed, keeping all the well know design features, such as internal cooling system, Cartridge seal, seperate sealed Terminal Connection and fast lock pump connection system.

50 years anniversary

 This year, PAPANTONATOS, producer of submersible waste water pumps series PXFLOW and deep well pumps series FLOWPAP is celebrating its 50th anniversary.The roots began…

This year ,Papantonatos, producer of submersible waste water pumps series PXFLOW and deep well pumps series FLOWPAP is celebrating its 5oth anniversary.The roots began in Greece in 1963 by Elias N.Papantonatos senior.First he started working for KSB in Greece just from 1950 until 1962.After then he continued with Pleuger pumps and motors.

We are proud for being one of the oldest distributor of Pleuger products worldwide.Due to the high imports tariffs and the depreciating value of local currency,he was forced to begin manufacturing centrifugal single stage and multistage pumps as well as submersible turbine pumps.

Early in 70’s he focused exlusively in the manufacturing of sublersible turbine pumps with Pleuger’s support.

2004 the two Sons of Papantonatos senor started to produce submersible waste water pumps series PXFLOW.

With half century of experience in the submersible pump filed we continue to improve our existing range using high efficiency motors and focus to build bigger size of submersible pumps and motors

ESTE barrier (Hamburg Germany)

A good idea and PXFLOW submersible
pumps solve the problem with wing walls of Este barrier!like many rivers, so also the Elbe leads a variety of sediments with them, which can
form deposits and thus affect navigability. The associated problems and tasks
are controversy – partly. In Hamburg, the dredged Harbor mud in so-called
barges is loaded, brought to a landing stage, and then applied a cleaner and
rinsing pipe flushing fields. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to
siltation problems in this way.At
the Este barrage before the sediments in the barrage gates had established
itself in the gates of the port of Hamburg. This led to considerable
obstructions. The cost of the manual removal disproportionately burdening the
budget.With a good idea and the use of submersible pumps,the task could be solved sustainably and cost-effectively.more press press bellow link (German only)