PAPANTONATOS S.A. offers a complete range of wastewater pumps up to 170kW.  PXFLOW pumps have been specifically designed to be installation and maintenance friendly. They introduce a whole suite of features that make them the most useful and versatile pumps in the market.



  • Internal cooling system, “ECOFLU“ (closed loop through a cooling jacket), that maintains the motor’s temperature to optimal operating levels. An internal impeller, fitted between the mechanical shaft seal, circulates a cooling liquid (Ecoflu) in a closed loop through a cooling jacket and transfers the heat to the pumped liquid by a cooling flange (heat exchange).
  • Cartridge sealing system “Fast Seal“.
  • Easily adjustable channel impeller clearance system, “Reducer”* used in all installation types, for improved performance and less clogging occurrences.
  • Oil tap drain.
  • Free choice* of channel or vortex impeller that can be fitted to the same volute.
  • Fast lock assembly/disassembly feature with only two (PX1/2), four (PX3) or six (PX4) for quick and easy volute/impeller inspection (a major advantage is the significant reduction of man-hours).
  • The pumps are equipped mainly with Siemens – Innomotics  motor parts standard IE1or IE2, Premiun Efficiency IE3 and Super Premium Efficiency IE4 as an option for most motor sizes, fitted with F class insulation (for operating temperatures up to 155 degrees Celsius), or can be optionally fitted with H class insulation.
  • Motor inspection hole.
  • Cable entry on the side of the pump cover.
  • Handle in Stainless steel.
  • Motor power up to 170kW/50Hz – 220HP/60Hz.
  • High head pump series (up to 110m) with vortex impeller.
  • Grinder pumps up to 15kW (50Hz) with max head of 87m – up to 25HP (60Hz) with max head of 105m.
  • High head pump series (up to 110m) with vortex impeller.

Wet set DCB + adapter + UGB (guide rail system)

When lowered on its guide rail system consisting of two guide
rails, each pumping unit can be automatically and firmly connected to a discharge connection bracket permanently mounted on the wet-well bottom.The discharge connection is sealed by metal to metal contact of the pump discharge flange and the discharge connection bracket. This contact method (metal to metal) allows the pump to clear away any debris that might get caught between the flanges and cause leakages. All guide rail systems ensure that there is no need for any personnel to enter the wet-well for any reason.

guide rail system

Wet type installation                               Dry pit (vertical type) installation

wet typedry pit pump

Portable type installation                        Dry pit (horizontal type) installation

portable horizontal

Performance range

Major maintenance and service advantages :

• Same motor connection flange with the old design PUMPEX and PXPUMP

• Interchangeable parts with other manufacturers

• Discharge flange connection and adapter design for quick and easy replacement with other manufacturers pumps ITT Flygt ABS SULZER EMU WILO HOMA FAGGIOLATI CAPRARI ZENIT PUMPEX PXPUMPS PXPUMPER SONDEX GRUNDFOS SARLIN EBARA TSURUMI KSBNew