Sewage pump station at Santorini Island

The island of Santorini is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world

The pumping of wastewater and the waste-water treatment systems should meet in the large population increase during the summer months.
The pumps except major fluctuations of the provision have to deal with and the existence of sand (volcanic ash) that penetrates inside the pumping stations and wears out.
Any worn out pump replacement should be done quickly because the pumping stations are under busy streets and alleys.

Such a pump station is the A2 which is situated in the pedestrian zone of Kamari


Within a few days was prepared and delivered with PXFLOW pump features 109m3/h in 22.9 m, 12, 5kW monokanali impeller and with special hook so that it clicks into the existing party bases and internal cooling system to cloak continuous operation of the engine in addition to sewage

< < When we put into operation the first time because they did not hear any noise and there were no vibrations we thought that wasn’t working the pump > > tells us features workshop maintenance Manager Mr. Halaris.

<< Once we saw the sign on the ammeter that does not pump the thought. > > continues features. < < We are excited with the Greek PXFLOW pump > >

Papantonatos SA as the only Greek manufacturer of submersible sewage pumps may and offers in the Greek market
Rapid response
Faster delivery
Competitors prices
Specialized expertise
Easy replacement of pumps of other manufacturers