ESTE barrier (Hamburg Germany)

A good idea and PXFLOW submersible
pumps solve the problem with wing walls of Este barrier!like many rivers, so also the Elbe leads a variety of sediments with them, which can
form deposits and thus affect navigability. The associated problems and tasks
are controversy – partly. In Hamburg, the dredged Harbor mud in so-called
barges is loaded, brought to a landing stage, and then applied a cleaner and
rinsing pipe flushing fields. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to
siltation problems in this way.At
the Este barrage before the sediments in the barrage gates had established
itself in the gates of the port of Hamburg. This led to considerable
obstructions. The cost of the manual removal disproportionately burdening the
budget.With a good idea and the use of submersible pumps,the task could be solved sustainably and cost-effectively.more press press bellow link (German only)