FLOWPAP deep well pumps

FLOWPAP Submersible pumps with Pleuger motors have already been established as the most reliable worldwide as well as in the Greek market.

pleuger pumps

Many thousands FLOWPAP – Pleuger submersible units operate for over 40 years all over Greece to cover needs for irrigation, water supply etc (in public or private cases).

FLOWPAP – Pleuger submersible units are used not only for raising water from deep wells, but also for any other pumping instances, such as dewatering, fire fighting, sea water applications etc, operating not only vertically but also horizontally inside tanks or for increasing pressure in pipeline networks (BOOSTER).

The standard production program includes: well pumps for inside diameter of 6″ to 20″, with capacities from 2-800 m3/hour and manometric heads up to 700 meters.

Detailed technical data for every type of pump are included in separate leaflets and performance graphs.

With our local representatives, we provide you with technical support for the optimal selection and installation of the appropriate pump type, with immediate delivery and service in case of need.