Easy replacement of other brand installation in Hong Kong

The fact:

A lot of end users feel “locked in” to a specific pump manufacturer because their pump installation has already been fitted with a specific base/elbow and guide rails that can accommodate only one type of waste water pump. Many of these pumps are outdated and have low efficiency standards and high maintenance costs.

PXFLOW service advantages:

The PXFLOW pump discharge flange connection and adapter have been designed for a quick and easy replacement of various different pump brands. Depending on the pump brand that needs to be replaced there is an equivalent PXFLOW pump that can either use a PXFLOW adapter, (ideal for Flygt & Pumpex discharge elbow base with 2” or 3” guide rails), or can be installed using the existing flange adapter and base discharge elbow.

Modifications according customer needs:

Sometimes the flange bolt hole pattern can be different from pump to pump.

In order to overcome this issue PXFLOW pumps can be ordered with a solid discharge flange so the customer can specify the appropriate bolt hole pattern that is needed for their installation to match their corresponding discharge base elbow. We can also manufacture custom size flanges, upon request, to match specific customer needs. A major advantage that we have at PXFLOW pumps is that we can manufacture larger than the standard flange sizes in our foundry.

 Long experience in pump business:

Carlo Wong is our distributor in Hong Kong and has more than 15 years of experience with Pumpex pumps. He has successfully replaced a large number of existing pumps like Pumpex, Flygt, ABS, Grundfos, EMU, Yeoman, Homa with PXFLOW waste water pumps.


Chung Hom Kok Sewage Pumping Station in Hong Kong

Pump type:PX4-150.0+75kW Vortex impeller in SS316

 Special discharge flange DN200

 Duty point :93m3/h at 61m

 Replaced brand: PUMPEX K204










EMSD – Butterfly Beach Laundry –Hong Kong Pump type:PX2-100.0+7,5kW

Single channel impeller

 Drilled flange and modification acc. existed adapter

 Duty point :120m3/h at 13m

 Replaced brand: YEOMAN 4153