PXFLOW submersible pump dry pit 45kW for sea water

PXFLOW dry pit submersible pump for sea farm application in Turkey
Papantonatos S.A. succefully delivered special pump PXFLOW dry pit installation for sea farm company in Turkey (member of the Greek company NIREUS S.A.)

The technical charactiristics and features are

  •  Internal motor cooling system with ECOFLU cooling jacket
  • Impeller in cast stainless steel DUPLEX
  • Special painting to pump volute
  • Cartridge seal
  • Adjustable wear ring
  • Fast lock connection system-.
  • Siemens motor class ΄΄Η΄΄
  • Type:PX4-200.0 • 1450 rpm • P2= 45kW • Duty point: 500m3/h at 18m