PXFLOW sewage pump for oil press

PXFLOW sewage pump for oil presses
Papantonatos SA manufactures special sewage pumps for waste mills.The last years  have delivered several pumps at the company’s Mill Court of EAS in Halkidiki. The sturdy construction, the technical support and  fast reply and delivery are important reasons for us ,” says the installer of submersible pumps main Zisis (photo) The construction characteristics of the pump is:

  • • Impeller made in Stainless steel
    • Base in ductile iron 
    • Cartridge seal
    • adjustable wear ring
    • Fast lock connection
  • • Internal cooling system 
  • • Type:PX2-80.0 
  • • Insullation class΄΄Η΄΄ 
  • • 2900 rpm • Power P2=12,5kW 
  • • Duty point: 77m3/h στα 23,4m 

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