Spare parts (PX)

We maintain a large inventory of all PXFLOW submersible pump parts in our facility. We can ensure the immediate delivery of spare parts, or even of entire pumps (up to 170kw- DN300 in urgent cases), within a few hours.

PXFLOW can be utilized as a direct substitution of former PXPUMPS (PX PUMPER A/S) pumps that has gone out of business.

We also manufacture and supply interchangeable parts for the main components such as cartridge seal, impeller, wear ring e.t.c. (K80, K83, K87, K100, K150, K89, K103, K153, K101, K151, K200, K250, K300), for the phased out K type Pumpex®  waster water pumps.

Cartridge seals for K86, K106, K156, K152, K203, K252, K302 are now available.