The PXGRIND2 pumps are equipped with a grinding system that effectively reduces all
destructible solid pieces and fibrous materials, such as paper, textile, plastics, etc into
small particles so they can be led away through pipes of relatively small diameter.


grinder pump grinder pump









• Stainless steel cutter system
• Internal motor cooling system with “ECOFLU “
(closed loop through a cooling jacket)
• Cartridge sealing system “ Fast Seal “
• Easily adjustable channel impeller clearance system “Reducer’’
for improved performance and less clogging occurrences
• Oil tap drain
• Ductile multi channel impeller
• Fast lock assembly/disassembly feature with only two latch bolts for
quick and easy volute/impeller inspection (major advantage is the
significant reduction of man-hours)
• PXFLOW – SIEMENS motor parts standard IE1 or higher efficiency IE2
(premium efficiency ΙΕ3 as option)
• Motor inspection hole
• Cable entry on the side of the pump cover
• Handle in Stainless steel