ESTE barrier (Hamburg Germany)

A good idea and PXFLOW submersible
pumps solve the problem with wing walls of Este barrier!like many rivers, so also the Elbe leads a variety of sediments with them, which can
form deposits and thus affect navigability. The associated problems and tasks
are controversy – partly. In Hamburg, the dredged Harbor mud in so-called
barges is loaded, brought to a landing stage, and then applied a cleaner and
rinsing pipe flushing fields. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to
siltation problems in this way.At
the Este barrage before the sediments in the barrage gates had established
itself in the gates of the port of Hamburg. This led to considerable
obstructions. The cost of the manual removal disproportionately burdening the
budget.With a good idea and the use of submersible pumps,the task could be solved sustainably and cost-effectively.more press press bellow link (German only)



IFAT 2012




Built to last

sea salvage with PXFLOW pumps

Fast salvage (only 3 hours) supported with 3pcs PXFLOW PX2-150 +9kW with internal cooling system.At the end one pump works 72hours with water level only 30cm until to repair the leakage


Technical data

Capacity (max) 380m3/h

Head (max) 17,5m

Motor power P2=9kW



Exhibition IFAT 2010

Papantonatos S.A.with PXFLOW pump series participated at the IFAT- Exhibition September 13-17th in Munich, Germany

IFAT  exhibition Fair in Munich, Germany is the world’s largest trade show for water, sewage, refuse and recycling with 2730 exhibitors from 49 countries and attracted this year 110 000 visitors from more than 185 nations.

In addition to Papantonatos range of submersible waste water pumps series PXFLOW and FLOWPAP (deep well pumps) displayed their latest new:

New premium efficiency impeller for PX4-300

In same booth our good friends from MODY pumps was co exhibitor with us

It was a very successful and busy week with many visitors at the Papantonatos booth, old as well as new contacts.



Sewage pump station at Santorini Island

The island of Santorini is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world

The pumping of wastewater and the waste-water treatment systems should meet in the large population increase during the summer months.
The pumps except major fluctuations of the provision have to deal with and the existence of sand (volcanic ash) that penetrates inside the pumping stations and wears out.
Any worn out pump replacement should be done quickly because the pumping stations are under busy streets and alleys.

Such a pump station is the A2 which is situated in the pedestrian zone of Kamari


Within a few days was prepared and delivered with PXFLOW pump features 109m3/h in 22.9 m, 12, 5kW monokanali impeller and with special hook so that it clicks into the existing party bases and internal cooling system to cloak continuous operation of the engine in addition to sewage

< < When we put into operation the first time because they did not hear any noise and there were no vibrations we thought that wasn’t working the pump > > tells us features workshop maintenance Manager Mr. Halaris.

<< Once we saw the sign on the ammeter that does not pump the thought. > > continues features. < < We are excited with the Greek PXFLOW pump > >

Papantonatos SA as the only Greek manufacturer of submersible sewage pumps may and offers in the Greek market
Rapid response
Faster delivery
Competitors prices
Specialized expertise
Easy replacement of pumps of other manufacturers


Easy replacement of other brand installation in Hong Kong

The fact:

A lot of end users feel “locked in” to a specific pump manufacturer because their pump installation has already been fitted with a specific base/elbow and guide rails that can accommodate only one type of waste water pump. Many of these pumps are outdated and have low efficiency standards and high maintenance costs.

PXFLOW service advantages:

The PXFLOW pump discharge flange connection and adapter have been designed for a quick and easy replacement of various different pump brands. Depending on the pump brand that needs to be replaced there is an equivalent PXFLOW pump that can either use a PXFLOW adapter, (ideal for Flygt & Pumpex discharge elbow base with 2” or 3” guide rails), or can be installed using the existing flange adapter and base discharge elbow.

Modifications according customer needs:

Sometimes the flange bolt hole pattern can be different from pump to pump.

In order to overcome this issue PXFLOW pumps can be ordered with a solid discharge flange so the customer can specify the appropriate bolt hole pattern that is needed for their installation to match their corresponding discharge base elbow. We can also manufacture custom size flanges, upon request, to match specific customer needs. A major advantage that we have at PXFLOW pumps is that we can manufacture larger than the standard flange sizes in our foundry.

 Long experience in pump business:

Carlo Wong is our distributor in Hong Kong and has more than 15 years of experience with Pumpex pumps. He has successfully replaced a large number of existing pumps like Pumpex, Flygt, ABS, Grundfos, EMU, Yeoman, Homa with PXFLOW waste water pumps.


Chung Hom Kok Sewage Pumping Station in Hong Kong

Pump type:PX4-150.0+75kW Vortex impeller in SS316

 Special discharge flange DN200

 Duty point :93m3/h at 61m

 Replaced brand: PUMPEX K204










EMSD – Butterfly Beach Laundry –Hong Kong Pump type:PX2-100.0+7,5kW

Single channel impeller

 Drilled flange and modification acc. existed adapter

 Duty point :120m3/h at 13m

 Replaced brand: YEOMAN 4153













High head wastewater pumps with VORTEX impeller

The problem:

The vast majority of the pump stations in Greece are located at sea level but are inefficient due to long discharge pipes or because the discharge end of the pipe is located at a high elevation. Most of them are located in tourist areas with generally low flow needs.

This combination, of low flow and high head, is posing a particular problem to most pump manufactures. Until now there was no ideal pump type for this kind of demanding pumping situation. Some manufactures are offering high speed pumps (2 pole) equipped with channel impellers but with small ball passage (30-40mm) and a duty point that is located left of the curve. The channel impeller is fitted with wear rings or wear plates, (open channel impeller), so they can reduce the gap between the impeller and the volute. Eventually when the gap widens significantly the pump performance drops dramatically and the duty point is starting to move to the left of the curve.

The solution:

The PXFLOW pump series is fitted with a high head Vortex impeller.

The advantage of Vortex impellers vs. channel impellers are

  • The vortex impeller pump does not have any wear ring to wear down, and therefore maintain the efficiency much longer with power savings and maintenance savings as a result.
  • The vortex impeller runs very smooth
  • Larger ball passage

In one of the most beautiful areas in Greece at Elounda
bay area (Ag. Nikolaos) in the island of Crete we have installed and have been operating a high head pump(PX3-80 vortex 2 +32kw type) with an operation point of

30m3/h at 81 m.Recently a second pump was installed in the pumping station, were retrofitted with our

original discharge connection brackets (DCB).









Since 1963 PAPANTONATOS SA  specialist to manufacturing of submersible pumps. The series of waste water pumps PXFLOW  manufacture program are up to 95kW,disharge connection flange up to DN300 and manometric head up to 100m

PXFLOW submersible pump dry pit 45kW for sea water

PXFLOW dry pit submersible pump for sea farm application in Turkey
Papantonatos S.A. succefully delivered special pump PXFLOW dry pit installation for sea farm company in Turkey (member of the Greek company NIREUS S.A.)

The technical charactiristics and features are

  •  Internal motor cooling system with ECOFLU cooling jacket
  • Impeller in cast stainless steel DUPLEX
  • Special painting to pump volute
  • Cartridge seal
  • Adjustable wear ring
  • Fast lock connection system-.
  • Siemens motor class ΄΄Η΄΄
  • Type:PX4-200.0 • 1450 rpm • P2= 45kW • Duty point: 500m3/h at 18m